A better group messaging

Easily create, follow and pin threads inside a group chat so that you don't miss important messages

Problem : In all the messengers (E.g. WhatsApp) it's hard to find and keep track of conversations. For example, consider your Alumni group - Someone will send a message to plan for a meetup, but before you can reply or even see it the thread will be flooded by replies and other messages like memes or cat videos, Also it's so hard to see all the responses between other messages

Play with the prototype

Solution : Collapsible threaded messages which gets pinned to a separated section for faster accessibility & easy follow

  1. Messages on the main window chat would have a reply button against each message sent, forcing users to create and participate in a thread to avoid “reply hell”.

  2. On pressing reply a new thread will be created and the chat would appear as a bubble in the threads section for easier access and follow. Only the people engaged in the thread would be able to see it there.

  3. Alternatively, anybody can tag group members in a chat message and a thread will be created automatically. All the people tagged will see the chat as a bubble in the threads section.